Transportation Planning plays a fundamental role in the state, region and community’s vision for its future.  It is an evaluation process which defines transportation goals and objectives, identifies problems, generates and evaluates alternatives and develops plans.  Traffic Engineering and Design provides for the safe and efficient movement of people and goods, considering such factors as pedestrian and vehicular networks and means for controlling traffic.  Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering involve the collaborative and cooperative participation of relevant transportation-related agencies, organizations and the general public.

Traffic Engineering

  • Corridor Operations Analyses
  • Signal Timing Coordination Plans
  • Traffic Circulation Plans
  • PD & E Design Traffic Projections
  • Safety/School Studies
  • Traffic Calming Studies
  • Signal Warrant Analyses
  • Traffic Data Collection/Analyses
  • Parking Demand/Shared Parking Analyses
  • Parking Layout/Circulation


Transportation Planning

  • Long Range Transportation Planning
  • Sub-area/Corridor Transportation Planning
  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Transportation Demand Modeling 

Development Services

  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • Trip Generation Analyses
  • Mobility Analyses
  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Concurrency Mitigation Plans
  • Development of Regional Impact (DRI)
  • Transportation Impact Fee Studies
  • Site Access Plans
  • DOT Permitting Services


  • Signalization Design
  • Intersection Design
  • Traffic Circle/Roundabout Design
  • Driveway/Access Design
  • Turn Lane Design
  • Minor Roadway Design
  • Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Design
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