Avalon Road and New Independence Parkway

By Karthik Vadapalli, Traffic Designer / Analyst

In September 2022, Traffic & Mobility Consultants (TMC) were tasked with the design efforts for a temporary traffic signal at Avalon Road and New Independence Parkway. The high-speed road met with a fatal accident that pushed for the immediate requirement of a traffic signal. The Orange County Sheriff Department and Orange County Traffic Engineering joined hands with Traffic & Mobility Consultants to have the signal designed and operational as soon as possible.


The biggest challenge was to design the signal in such a way that the future widening was considered. Given the timeline, the widening of the Avalon Road corridor in the area was progressing quickly and the preliminary roadway design was already underway. Taking into consideration the time and the widening, a temporary box span signal design was chosen. This design came two advantages: 1) Given the pressure of the entire project, a temporary span wire signal would take considerably less time for design and construction, and 2) The box span design was designed in such a way that the signal would remain operational during the entire course of the widening process.


The TMC team, headed by Mohammed N. Abdallah, who was the Engineer of Record, designed the traffic signal according to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Design Specifications. The Final Design included a single box span with 4 pedestrian signals. Microwave/Radar technology was used for designing the video detection assignments on Avalon Road to cover larger distances. Since Avalon Road is a high-speed road with sharp curves at the intersection, to avoid sight distance issues and the potential of future accidents, the solution of designing supplemental signal heads that provide advance warnings was included to the design. This allowed the driver to have a sight at the signal from a longer distance than is traditionally seen. Also, “Signal Ahead” signs were provided for the northbound and southbound approaches to warn the drivers of a traffic signal. This would force the drivers to slow down as they approach the curves and grade shifts. Additionally, a flashing beacon was provided for the southbound approach which will operate as a reinforcement when the light turns red.


The Signed and Sealed Design Plans were approved by the Orange County Traffic Engineering in January 2022 and the traffic signal was officially permitted for construction. Construction of the traffic signal began soon after and the construction was completed in August2022. The signal became operational in September 2022 and was open to traffic.

As of June 2023, the traffic signal is operating smoothly without any issues gearing up for the widening of the Avalon Road corridor. The signal is expected to operate until the widening is complete and the intersection is signalized with Mast Arms.


TMC considers the signal design at Avalon Road and New Independence Parkway as a major accomplishment given the minimal time that was taken to complete the design. TMC is currently designing the new mast arm signal for the intersection to support the widening of Avalon Road.

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