A well designed and balanced transportation network is the foundation upon which vibrant, livable communities are built.

Our Core Services

Traffic Engineering

We apply the latest technologies to deliver advanced traffic engineering solutions to optimize driver experience.

Design Traffic Projections
Corridor Analyses
Signal Timing & Optimization
Intersection Analyses
Intersection Control Evaluations (ICE)
Traffic Control Warrant Analyses
Traffic Circulation Plans
Traffic Calming Studies
Parking Demand Analyses
Parking Facility Layout & Circulation
Traffic Systems Management & Operations
Traffic Safety Studies
Crash Analyses
Road Safety Audits
Bicycle & Pedestrian Studies
School Studies
Traffic Data Collection
Micro-Simulation & Visualization

Transportation Planning

We apply the depth and breadth of our public and private sector experience when planning transportation networks that serve and balance the needs of all users.

Long Range Transportation Planning
Subarea / Corridor Planning
Transportation Planning
Comprehensive Planning
Transportation Demand Modeling
Sector Planning

Development Services

We apply our experience, judgment, and relationships to provide actionable and effective solutions that improve development applications and enhance public acceptance.

Traffic Impact Studies
Due Diligence Investigations
Trip Generation Analysis
Mobility Analysis
Concurrency Mitigation Plans
Transportation Impact Fee Studies / Appeals
Mobility Fee Studies / Appeals
Site Access Plans
Permitting Services
Developments of Regional Impact (DRI)

Design Services

We specialize and focus in traffic engineering design services to support transportation improvement plans. Safety, standards, innovation, experience, and value are the foundational principles guiding our engineering plans and solutions.

Signalization Design Plans
Roundabout Design Plans
Traffic Control / MOT Plans
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
Signing & Pavement Marking Plans
Turn Lane Design Plans
Minor Roadway Design Plans

“We have built a strong working relationship with TMC over the years.  They are responsive, attentive, and our teams enjoy collaborating to deliver outstanding solutions and customer service to our clients.”

Sam Sebaali
President and CEO | Florida Engineering Group

“Wawa has partnered with TMC for our local and statewide traffic engineering needs, from site selection to project delivery.  TMC helps us resolve our most complicated traffic and access challenges which result in improved operations and store performance.” 

Scott Kearney
Real Estate Engineer | Wawa Florida LLC

“TMC has always provided excellent service to me as a client.  Their extensive experience in all things traffic and their strong relationships with permitting agencies help us achieve timely approvals for our projects.”

Christopher Wrenn
Director of Forward Planning | Pulte Group

“We consider TMC’s work and relationships a central part of our strategy to add value and deliver the highest quality projects to market.”

Matt Young, PE
Vice President – Florida | Richland Communities

“After many years of working with TMC, we consider them a close and trusted partner. We know that TMC serves our clients with the highest level of integrity and responsiveness!”

Lance Bennett, PE
Partner | Poulos & Bennett

TMC conducts studies and prepares plans for private clients and governmental agencies at the local, county and state levels.

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TMC is a specialized transportation planning and traffic engineering firm pre-qualified with the FDOT in the following Work Groups.

TMC holds a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) designation with the FDOT and a Small Sustainable Business Enterprise (SSBE) designation with the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX).

Group 6:

Traffic Engineering and Operations Studies

6.1: Traffic Engineering Studies

6.2: Traffic Signal Timing

6.3.1 ITS Analysis & Design

Group 7: Traffic Operations Design

7.1: Signing, Pavement Marking & Channelization

7.3: Signalization

Group 13: Planning

13.3: Policy Planning

13.4: Systems Planning

13.5: Sub Area / Corridor Planning

13.6: Land Planning / Engineering

13.7: Transportation Statistics

FDOT Small Business (SBE) Designation

Central Florida Expressway (SSBE) Designation